in our puritancial society, most view BDSM as a game to be played on saturday night, or something one slips into as if it were a cloak.

it’s misunderstood and in the wrong hands destroyed…or worse, ridiculed.

possibly most people in their misunderstanding are titillated by their skewed aspect of it and see it as something kinky.

please banish the word ‘kinky’ from your vocabulary. it is a very antiquated and wrong definition of one’s expression of one’s sexuality and best belongs in the last century, not this one.

ultimately and perfectly ( if there is such a thing as perfection) BDSM is the ultimate gift of trust & love.

the trust you place in another’s hand, the love that both will nuture in a relationship.

that exquisite dance between a man & woman..where no words are necessary.

 in the struggle of a silken scarf or freedom.

 in the anticipation of a splash of hot wax.. is delight.

 in the obstruction of a one’s senses overloaded.

 in the clamp of a clothespin..a tingle.

but worshiping on one’s knees…

there are no words..none at all..because one is so overwhelmed by the beauty, one can’t even speak.

and in that loss of when one’s heart sings.

 beautflstranger 2012