Timeis dividedinto two rivers:one flows backward, devouringlife already lived;the othermoves forward with youexposingyour life.For a single secondthey may be joined.Now.This is that moment,the drop of an instantthat washes away the past.It is the present.It is in your hands.Racing, slipping,tumbling like a waterfall.But it is yours.–Pablo Neruda, “Ode to the Past”

is divided
into two rivers:
one flows backward, devouring
life already lived;
the other
moves forward with you
your life.
For a single second
they may be joined.
This is that moment,
the drop of an instant
that washes away the past.
It is the present.
It is in your hands.
Racing, slipping,
tumbling like a waterfall.
But it is yours.
–Pablo Neruda, “Ode to the Past”

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